Eine Performance von Felix Mathias Ott
Performer: Eike von Stuckenbrok/Felix M. Ott, Gaspard Gilbert
Sound: Steffen Martin, Alex Kassian
Light design: Martin Pilz
Video: Benjamin Brix
Produktion: Inge Zysk
Filmpart: Benjamin Brix, Steffen Martin, Andreas Müller, Aiko Okamoto, Felix M. Ott

Choreographed by Felix Mathias Ott, is an experiment in exploration of this infinite object, a myth, with which we all have multiple connections. The work navigates through this narrative that has over the years entered people’s imaginations through their own experiences and reading. This possibility for a multifarious, open-ended quality of the myth formed the foundation for the work

Odyssey Complex with its hugeness, complexity and deepness transports the performer and the spectator from a “normal” situation to one strongly connected with animalism, gods, strengths, sexuality, and energies of the cosmos and depths of the unconscious to even unknown recesses of our self. The choreographer, Ott translates the shifts in these various locations through a thoughtful, researched, performative, sharing with a live audience.