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Reclaiming the live aspect of the Performing Arts in the current times

Mission statement: We are aware that the current times are asking for pausing any process of production and to use this opportunity to reflect, think, listen, observe and eventually make some changes in our lives. But at the same time we know that some artists have an urge to respond to the current events. Since the appearance of the corona crisis we have witnessed how artists are showing their abilities to adapt quickly to new conditions and to continue producing work, especially in circumstances of uncertainty. On one hand, the proliferation of multiple online formats in the performing arts has allowed artists to continue developing their practices and sharing their work with an audience. On the other hand, there are many artists resisting to accept this new reality as normal and feeling unsatisfied digitalizing their practices. This is why with this working group we would like to deviate the attention away from the online formats and to insist on thinking about what are, during these days, the chances for offline formats to continue existing.

This is a personal initiative by Felix Ott and Diego Agulló with the support of Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Les Impredictibiles

Das gemeinsame Interesse, mit unvorhersehbaren Situationen konfrontiert zu werden, brachte die Künstler Corbusier und Felix Mathias Ott zusammen. Nach mehreren Treffen in einem Tanzstudio, in dem sich gegenseitige Liebe, Respekt und ein künstlerischer Austausch entwickelten, beschlossen sie das Projekt „Les Imprédictibles“ zu entwickeln. Die Abhängigkeiten, Anpassungen und Entfremdungen werden zur Inspirationsquelle. Der Versuch, einen Moment… Continue Reading

Symphonie des Bauens

„Symphonie des Bauens“ is a physical as well as a musical exploration of the interior of the heating house of Uferstudios. After a probationary period as a construction worker on the building site of this new venue, Felix M. Ott composes a symphony in four movements, in which tools become instruments and the noises of… Continue Reading


  Felix’s research began with a recording that had been lost for decades, recently discovered by chance in the estate of Dadaist Richard Huelsenbeck, marked the starting point of the research. The audio captures artist Rafael Montañez Ortiz destroying a piano with an axe at the London ‘Destruction in Art Symposium’ on 10 September 1966… Continue Reading


Max ist Leistungsschwimmer. Sein Leben ist auf den Sport ausgerichtet. Durch Disziplin und zwanghafte Kontrolle versucht er erfolgreich zu sein und dem Leistungsdruck stand zu halten. Doch die Gefahr nicht an ehemalige Erfolge anknüpfen zu können, provozieren eine Angst vor Kontrollverlust und dem Ende der sportlichen Laufbahn. Eine mittelmäßige Trainingsleistung fühlt sich an wie der… Continue Reading


Felix Mathias Ott, was born in 1983 in Reutlingen and is mainly choreographer in the field of contemporary performing arts, working internationally and based in Berlin. His father, a German actor, inspired in him from an early age a huge interest in theatre that Felix developed initially by studying stage design. He returned later to… Continue Reading