Felix Mathias Ott
Choreographie, Performance: Felix Mathias Ott

Dramaturgische Beratung: Diego Agullo
Künstlerische Beratung: Amandine Cheveau
Sound: Adam Asnan
Licht: Emma Juliard
Gastperformer*innen: Emma Juliard, Ante Pavić
Produktion: Inge Zysk, Melanie Klimmer

„Symphonie des Bauens“ is a physical as well as a musical exploration of the interior of the heating house of Uferstudios. After a probationary period as a construction worker on the building site of this new venue, Felix M. Ott composes a symphony in four movements, in which tools become instruments and the noises of building become sound. Incidentally, this creates music and meaning worlds that will not only shake the believed, but also threaten the new walls. In this brute musical piece, Felix M. Ott himself becomes part of the composition.

1 st Movement: : “paesaggi metallici I” Adagio, eroico , forte con forza

2 nd Movement: : “paesaggi metallici II” Largo, glissando, lentando sonore

3 rd Movement: “solidarietà” Allegro, Crescendo, trio a sette mani .

-interludio del pubblico

4 th Movement: ”con moto al niente” Pizzicato cordi delectissimente , elevata misterioso,