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Emptylands stages picturesque memories between oral history and surreal reenactment. It’s an embodied journey through associations that is linking personal myths to cultural ones. A striving protagonist enters those immaterial archives and scenic landscapes to find individual spaces. If any escape there is, it arises from legitimation of his own struggles and hopes.Shot in Kassel, Berlin, Salzburg, Amiens, and Dhaka over a period of almost two years while working and touring with a theater piece “Odyssey Complex”, which was profoundly interwoven with Emptylands footage, the final movie interrogates this journey beyond geographical and political borders. Personal freedom in times of cross-cultural deficit is an issue to be discussed in a stoic sense through using individual thoughts to activate a collective change. Emptylands subjects this idea and embraces the risks of an introspective, a hunt, and a continuous quest.
direction: Felix Mathias Ott, Benjamin Brix, Steffen Martin


  “M.O.N.D” (Meditation on Non Destruction) is a collective research process on the notion of conflict and parallel reality. We focus on the principles of combat disciplines and techniques for survival tested during real combat and war situations and specifically designed for endurance, effectivity, dissolving tension and redirecting aggression. The live performance is a choreographic… Continue Reading


„Performing Europe“ is a European program for the development of contemporary performing arts and its impact on European societies. It is interdisciplinary and comprises the fields of production, presentation and distribution of artistic works and focuses on attaining new audiences and researching new ways of mediation. Theatre, dance, performance, visual arts, design, media and film… Continue Reading


Die neue Arbeit von Felix Mathias Ott ist mehr als nur eine Nacherzählung der homerschen Ilias: Die Konstrukteure bestimmen mit archaischer Kraft  die Handlung und errichten trojanische Räume. Aus einer Choreografie des Bauens und Zerstörens entstehen suggestive Bildwelten und ein akustisch-visueller Raum, den den Zuschauer dazu bewegt, sich seinen eigenen Sehnsüchten zu stellen. Kollagenartig wandert.… Continue Reading

twin paradox

Whatever happens, even when the world falls apart: the dance goes on. Come hell or high water, as if it were the last resort: dancing despite everything else that’s going on. Ten dancers accept this challenge and start some kind of marathon on a stage with an orange-coloured grating for a floor. French choreographer Mathilde… Continue Reading


The project « speech » comes from the strong need of two artists to re interrogate their main sphere of work and creation: the space of living art. These young creators –Felix Ott and Camille Louis – can’t follow in it without asking the question: What can we still do with stage today? From 2009… Continue Reading

The giggling Bunnies

  In the form of contemporary picture theater the ESC ungdomskompani and Felix M. Ott thematize with The giggling Bunnies the shift from reality to the surreal environment of a dreamy landscape, a landscape of an imaginative Norway following Ibsen’s search for identity in Peer Gynt.Through individual improvisations and direct work with the young dancers… Continue Reading